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Studio LOG: Rotations - Album In the Making
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Jeri NoVa    Said...

Awesome workspace. I'm not familiar with Robbie but I look forward to hearing the project. I need that Japanese fella's number.

10-Jul-10 08:00 PM

tesla    Said...

Nice guy, Looking forward to witnessing his creative process...

12-Jul-10 10:14 AM

Andy Read    Said...

Great to see and hear this Robbie. A veerrrryyy long way from the first time I recorded you!!!!!

12-Jul-10 12:17 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

Thanks Andy. Tiny acorns & all that

12-Jul-10 08:46 PM

dr. whammo    Said...

id agree that workspace looks awesome.. im very keen on the same brands myself: DSI, focusrite, apogee

i owned the mono-evolver keyboard for about a year and really loved it - had to sell to cover payment on a new car, and ive always regretted it

while i had it, i made a track using only the evolver keyboard - just overdubbing each part.. making drum sounds on it and throwing them in a sampler... no other hardware or software used

it came out pretty good, gives you an idea of how much stuff it can do - its an amazing synth

but yeh im very interested in seeing more of this album taking shape, looks fun

13-Jul-10 01:06 PM

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