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Podcast: Sonic TALK181- Prince, Prodigy - Prophecy Purchase Live
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stoltz    Said...

I own a prophecy, figured I'd poke with some facts.

was released in 96, its not upgradable, is monophonic, & has 11 variations of ocillator for the 2 main OSC, a sub osc & a noise generator, which is what seperates it apart from other synths, runs a duel mix signal chain (routing different osc's to different filters) of which it runs 2 multimode filters. has 2 waveshapers, 3 FX (reverb/delay+chorus/phaser/flanger+wah/dist/amp sim). & heres the kicker, the device runs 5 enverlopes & 4 LFO's, with a whopping amount of routing (along with the HW controllers)

the sound on the DA is oddly quiet, buts the flexibuilty of the korg MOSS is MASSIVE, & can produce a serious amount of sounds. the brass sounds in particular are a favourite of mine.

the presets on the machine are frankly shit & uninspiring, but whipe them all, start again from scratch & you'll find a canyon deep set of sounds available, of which the editing is menu driven with context knobs.

I belive it was used alot on the fat of land album by the prodigy.

I personally used to use one in my live rig, played by my former band mate as a cool & flexible lead performence synth

I deffinatly recomend one, tho you HAVE TO spend time with it, dig in, remember to assign the controllers to things to animate the sound, & enjoy!

09-Jul-10 03:26 PM

NIck B    Said...

Thanks mate, it just turned up tonight. And so far, I concurr. Although I need some serious manual reading to get into it..

But its in dapper shape with original box and manuals.

09-Jul-10 07:11 PM    Said...

I expect a full video review of the Prophecy, Battrick ;)

Just think of it as a retro-review



09-Jul-10 08:11 PM

Velocipede    Said...

I bought that Prince album that PJ mentioned. It's actually 3 discs with one being a female artist that Prince has produced. It was discounted to $5 at Target a few months ago. The first Prince disc is alright, but not his best. Still have to listen to the 2nd one. Such a bother to rip it into iTunes.

14-Jul-10 04:25 AM

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