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Sonic LAB: Xils Lab PolyKB Software Polysynth
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CR78    Said...

Nick, you're spot on regarding 'musicality' of the PolyKB.

Next to uHe's ACE and Zebra I think we're finally starting to hear some really great sounding synth-plugs.

07-Jul-10 11:40 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great review!

07-Jul-10 01:00 PM

anarhythm    Said...

Indeed the LFOs are not synced when playing chords. Do we have cheaper alternatives that won't fit the whole screen like this monster does?

08-Jul-10 01:42 AM

Nick B    Said...

there are plenty of alternatives,of course, but I'm not sure that will sound quite the same. The lfo sync issue is a bit of an irritant, but there are many plus points too

08-Jul-10 02:22 AM

Tarkus Zarkus    Said...

another boring and bad sounding software-synth. there are some good or better freewares .Don't waste your money for a software. Nicky Boy ,why don't you mention freeware?

08-Jul-10 12:39 PM

Nick B    Said...

Sorry my friend, I just cant agree with you on that. Have you tried it? Maybe I didn't give you enough patch examples, but check em out on their site. There are a number of freeware synths your right, but not so many for both platforms I think

08-Jul-10 04:13 PM

art    Said...

Very interesting, thanks for the review, Nick. It would be nice to see a review on XILS 3.

08-Jul-10 05:49 PM

dirty tube    Said...

A software version of an old analog-monster? Nick, is it a joke ? the whole f.. plug-in industrie try to sell us piece of junk and destroy the electronic music. It's time for a cheap analog poly-hero that can f... every digital bullshit !

09-Jul-10 07:56 AM

James    Said...

On a side note, I dig the transitions you came up with on this one. The patches are cool and the masking effect makes it seem like we're hunting for the next feature or something.

10-Jul-10 01:32 PM

Zach    Said...

Please do review for Xils Lab XILS 3

06-Aug-10 12:14 AM

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