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Prince Declares 'The Internet's Completely Over'
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MrKnobs    Said...

Well, that's great but I don't see the part where he explains how he'll keep people from ripping MP3s from his CDs and giving them away over the Internet. Surely he's not serious and just trying for some publicity.

05-Jul-10 11:56 AM

Spaceman-X    Said...

If anything is "completely over" it's Prince himself at one time he did some nice music, now he should give it away free with my morning toilet paper.

If he thinks his music will not get to the internet he really does live in his own little world.

05-Jul-10 12:55 PM

voice ina crowd    Said...

From what I have learned from various sources ( internet, press ect ) Prince has ripped of other upcoming artists, he is just a rich boy who has taken ideas from others. Now that everyone has wised up, his only option is to give it away, as his so called "new material" would not sell even to his own fans.

05-Jul-10 02:03 PM

Kevin Nolan, Dublin    Said...

I'm not a Prince fan but the man is a musical wizard. Plus, he attracted huge world wide interest to start with by sheer musical talent AND a unique identity.

Prince knows only too well that his music will be ripped (and that this is a publicity stunt!) - so kudos to him. Overall, he's the winner because he's releasing his music on his terms - not on Apple's, Youtube or Google's terms. I wish more major artists would do the same.

He has correctly identified that it is a few major Internet cooperations are getting rich through the media content they steel form others and that music is actually not free at all even if Internet users think it is. And I would not dismiss his comments about the Internet being over - it certainly is as we knew it in the 90's and early 0's where if was FAR more exciting and commercial free; but he also makes quite a valid point in that everything has its time. The Internet will be around forever; but the Internet we knew is over - the "Suits" now own it, Prince knows it and he'll not pander to their terms and conditions. More power to him (and I'm going to make sure I go out to HMV and buy his back catalogue ASAP).

05-Jul-10 02:38 PM

schmonic state    Said...

the internet is over says PRINCE in a NEWSPAPER lol

05-Jul-10 03:06 PM

Dolphono    Said...

Brilliant comment Kevin Nolan, Dublin.

Sir Prince is on to something, the United State are trying to implement China like laws to Govern the Internet and Mega Corporations have taken over and converted the internet into a spamming billboard. Prince declaring The Internet Over is dead on. =(

05-Jul-10 05:44 PM

Crazy like a fox    Said...

He is being a bit sore because of his failed use of the internet to circumvent the music industry's powers-that-be —— but those empires themselves still fell dues to the new distribution methods. People use the internet for so much more of life but also are being tracked way more than when he was first writing songs like "E-Male"; in a way the wild wild west days ARE over

05-Jul-10 05:53 PM

DWG    Said...

prince who? I think he is confused, it's not the internet that's over it's him that's over, I live in his hometown and have had friends that have done work for him, including guitar repair, he has stiffed everyone of them on payment, he feels it is such a honor to do work for him that he shouldn't have to pay, not a nice person and surely not a person with talent of any sort

05-Jul-10 09:22 PM    Said...

Prince is old school awesome, witjout him, the music world will have lost anoyher icon.

05-Jul-10 09:32 PM

ckctxe    Said...

Anyone know what Prince is getting from the exclusive distribution deal?

I'm guessing he's getting a serious chunk of change, and that it's going to be a lot more than he ever made via his website.

Yeah - it'll get ripped - but in the meantime, he's probably made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

05-Jul-10 10:35 PM

Jessica Bromstrup    Said...

I agree with Prince.And for one thing its his music and he can do what he wants with it

05-Jul-10 11:31 PM

Jessica Bromstrup    Said...

I agree with Prince.And its his music he can do what he what he wants with it.

05-Jul-10 11:32 PM

BruceLow    Said...

Prince was in the 80's one of the best electro-funk,soul and pop-artists in the world but his new songs are worthless and boring.only a view people like to hear his new stuff.So he doesn't need Internet anymore.

06-Jul-10 05:07 AM    Said...

I guess, this is what it sounds like when Internets die :P

06-Jul-10 10:01 AM

The Truth    Said...

Carl Hyde ( now from underworld ) wrote when doves cry, and others have wrote his biggest hits. The only stuff prince wrote is the freebies in newspapers !

06-Jul-10 10:31 AM

Rskizzy    Said...

I agree with the poster Kevin on most of what was written , but would add that most people younger than 25 have lost touch with the reality that most modern music(the kind that generally applies to viewers of this site) actually takes a good deal of time and money to make. Ill go out on a limb here and say most of the negative comments are from sour grapes. Add up the sales of all posters here(and everyone else we all personally know) and we'd probably check up way short compared to Prince , so it's probably safe to assume he knows more about profits from sales than most. Ive noticed its usually the 'wannabees' or just greedy peeps trying to fill their ipods for free that are so hype on "free" music . Anyone who has actually worked hard to make their musical vision come to fruition usually wants something for their efforts . The whole argument that the major labels aren't releasing "anything good" is a false one . In the late 80's and the 90's as a professional dj, hair-bands ruled MTV and the airwaves. Being into the whole acid /house/electronic thing I didn't buy many pieces of music that I didn't like and was never "forced" to steal it from the record shops(remember those ?) due to lack of choice . There is definitely a skewed sense of entitlement held by some of these deadbeats. Sure, someone with far too much time on their hands (or a wack-a-doo Robin Hood complex) will eventually rip and post Prince's new LP for all to leach for free , but its an extra step or two(or three) for someone whom already holds the finished product in hand .

06-Jul-10 11:13 AM

Prince is dead    Said...

The internet is more important to our planet than music as a whole (let alone prince). This guy doesn't even know what the internet is...

06-Jul-10 01:39 PM

Alk    Said...

I'm just curious if the rest of the world who doesn't get the free CD is going to bother with prince? I doubt it.

06-Jul-10 08:00 PM

Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

I thought prince was brilliant, up until the whole scenario with the gauze-veil on his face and the squiggle-for-a-name. I gave up attempting to understand him or his music 15 years ago.

07-Jul-10 04:54 AM

Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

I thought prince was brilliant, up until the whole scenario with the gauze-veil on his face and the squiggle-for-a-name. I gave up attempting to understand him or his music 15 years ago.

07-Jul-10 04:54 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hey Truth, I'm really not sure about Mr Hyde writing When Doves Cry - where did you get that information?

I'm pretty sure that Prince wrote most of if not all his own stuff AND several massive hits for other people - Chaka Khan frinstance.

Prince has rather lost his way since Diamonds and Pearls, but there's not denying his musical genius which spans several albums.

This seems to be a great way of making publicity to ensure his advance is recouped - presumably the papers paid him some serious $$$ - like last time.

07-Jul-10 05:23 AM

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