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Sonic LAB: Korg Monotron Mini Synth
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this Video seems more like a promotion than a review Nicky !!! the Microsamper-review is another example for Korg-promotion. Is there a kontrakt ???

11-Jun-10 07:40 AM

Nick B    Said...

Really? I cant say I agree. I mean for the price it is hard to fault this, now of course, its not for everyone.

MicroSampler I would say not - I did bring up some (in my opinion) short comings with that, as well as with other Korg products.

praise where praise is due I would say.

11-Jun-10 08:39 AM

bln    Said...

i love the track on the iPad hehe

11-Jun-10 10:56 AM

randy roads    Said...

I sure do hope this is a teaser for something a hell of a lot better to come. IMO boring to meh =)

11-Jun-10 11:10 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Thanks for an excellent review Nick!

Sounds like a fab little unit. The filter sounds awesome... I didn't realise that the keyboard isn't divided into individual notes but is a ribbon with piano graphics printed onto it... interesting.

It's time to power up the Arduino and do some open-case surgery on the little beastie when it finally arrives in the US.

You gotta wonder if Korg will release an iPhone app? :0)

Also,is that the 7" of 'The Model' sitting on top of the keyboards in the background?

11-Jun-10 01:12 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Good review and a fun little product. Korg seems to have a knack for releasing this kind of cheap and fun products. It seems to have a great sound, but I can't help thinking that an envelope and perhaps an envelope trigger would have increased its usability a lot (although that would have of course added to the price). I loved the filtering of the music that you did. I assume that it's all mono though?

11-Jun-10 03:03 PM

Nick B    Said...

marc, yes the filtering is mono. I agree that envelope etc would be nice, but I think the bending aspect is going to be quite fascinating

11-Jun-10 06:05 PM

CI    Said...

Thanks for the thorough review. All SMD components. That would drop the price way down for an analogue synth these days.

Maybe it is a toy, or simply a market testing for korg to release other products.

But the filter is definitively sweet... time to move over you boring CEM chips...

11-Jun-10 07:44 PM

dr. whammo    Said...

when is korg gonna get serious about dance music again

im thinking some kind of Kaos Kommand Station (u like that?) with multiple pads and an electribe style layout or something.. im looking for another $1k+ cutting edge type product

11-Jun-10 08:21 PM

Earsmack Music    Said...

Nick, Thanks for the demo and for including my app (chipPad) in it - what a nice surprise. My little demo tune sounded really nice going through that filter. Thanks again - much appreciated!

Earsmack Music

11-Jun-10 08:53 PM

Exploding Tube    Said...

A must-have musical equipment? Yes but only for stupid people who need a Doktor.

13-Jun-10 04:20 AM

Ben    Said...

good sound for the price!! I guess this is a test from korg before showing their "full analog" radias replacement at the next NAMM ;-)

14-Jun-10 01:29 AM

Jeremy Abel    Said...

Man, it's worth it just for the sweet aphex twiny filter LFOness! Think I'll get me one when the next paycheck comes 'round!

24-Jun-10 05:23 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I played one in Korea on Saturday. My first thought was "yay! Korg are going analogue again!"

I wonder how long it is before they release an analogue range of Electribes or such?

Korg do appear to be making the most interesting gear right now.

28-Jun-10 06:13 PM

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