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Can A Cheap Synth Match The Sound Of A Vintage Analog Keyboard?
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Kevin Nolan, Dublin.    Said...

This is a nonsense comparison. The issue is not a comparison of like for like sounds. Of course both can sound good in certain circumstances. Issues of the playability of the sound, the quality of the playing experience and capabilities of sound design from the user interface and synth engine are all important too. Clearly these are not the same here.

You could compare the sawtooth of a Jupiter 8 and a Moog 55 and probably find an overlap in areas where they sound pretty similar; but again that's not the point.

It’s a bit worrying that Sonicstate found validity in posting this comparison - it comes across as incredibly superficial.

08-Jun-10 04:57 AM

Nevergonnagiveyouup    Said...

It's called a grain of salt dude... relax. It will be OK.

08-Jun-10 05:28 AM

Nick B    Said...

I'm just finishing up the Monotron review here and have to say that while the waves are indeed limited, the filter is more worthy of comparisson. True its not a complete carbon copy, having only the LPF portion of it, but it aint bad.

08-Jun-10 05:51 AM

thejohn    Said...

frankly. I'm glad to see this vid. Seems to me, sonic-wise, that the monotron holds up well to it's bigger brother albeit limited functionality . This tells me that the mono is more than mere toy. I can conceptualize running the mono through pedal chains to come with with some interesting sound experiments. Thanks Sonicstate

08-Jun-10 10:55 AM

Gary    Said...

how can you compare sound quality when using a compressed sound file streamed over the internet? they both sound bad

08-Jun-10 12:00 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

A toy? Perhaps, but with a bit of planning and some compositional talent, one can do this with a toy:

I'm suitably impressed - a very nice demo (of both Monotron and performer).

08-Jun-10 12:43 PM

Bob Borries    Said...

It is well known that the MS-20 uses the cheapest filter designed for synthesizers, hence the cheap sound of the MS-20. The Montron should sound very similar.

08-Jun-10 01:30 PM

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