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Get TC Electronic's PolyTune For Free
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tonejunkee    Said...

not free anymore, on the store at €7.99, that was short lived!

04-Jun-10 06:21 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

The app was supposed to be free for the first 25,000 downloads.

It was only released a couple of days back and I grabbed it the day it came out. Maybe TC Electronics pulled it as a freebie when they realized sufficient hype had been generated and didnt want to potentially lose $250,000 in revenue...

Nice app though...

04-Jun-10 09:52 AM

rentit    Said...

Not free Sonic, $9.99 us

04-Jun-10 03:35 PM

ChucK    Said... is it that it's free when it's priced at $9.99?

05-Jun-10 01:38 PM

Nick B    Said...

I think it WAS free for a limited time. Looks like that time was pretty limited.

05-Jun-10 02:13 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Like I said in an earlier post, it WAS free for the first 25,000 downloads. Whether or not TC Electronics passed that number before they started charging is questionable.

However, the app works great. Just strum a guitar and adjust the out of tune strings accordingly. Seems too good to be true but it isn't. If you want to go back to the Jurassic Era and tune individual strings you can even use the way-cool strobe tuner (I like this better than the needle tuner - both are included).

Having used it a few times, I've quickly come to accept it as the norm for tuning guitars and don't even bother to use a single note tuner anymore.

In fact I wonder how I ever wasted my time doing so, or spent time retuning the other strings after tuning one of them knocked the others ever so slightly out of whack occasionally (which is a bugger when tuning a MIDI guitar). Scary....

Would I spend 10 bucks on the thing if it wasn't free... absolutely.

05-Jun-10 10:07 PM

Redhatredhat    Said...

I got it free, as did my co-guitarist in Sunday School Beatdown, and we both agree it's the best tuner we've ever had. I'm currently adding a dock and cradle to my rack so I can just plug in my iphone when playing, that's how awesome this thing is. For that matter, I can honestly say I've never been disappointed in any TC gear, and I've used a bunch.

06-Jun-10 02:31 PM

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