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Novation 'Game Changer' On The Way
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a name    Said...

Looks like it could be some sort of Digital Vinyl (á la Final Scratch), since the Vinyl shown in the Pic seems to be a digital timecode vinyl. But really, who knows =)

29-May-10 04:19 AM

Elvis the DJ    Said...

I bet it's gonna be a automap type performance controller for serato and ableton using seratos new bridge software.

29-May-10 04:56 AM

CharlieToTheC    Said...

Probably another hardware controller that won't work AT ALL if your computer can't talk to their auth server.

I've bought everything these guys make, and the software side of their stuff is so poorly designed that it's basically useless in a professional environment. Soooo much downloading of drivers, setting up accounts so they can spam me daily, etc. that I've never actually used any of their stuff for longer than an hour or two, when it gets tossed on the junk pile.

What would really be a game changer for these knuckleheads would be if their software didn't need to be authorized at all.

If the hardware cant work without their software, and the software only works with their hardware....WHY DOES THE SOFTWARE NEED TO BE AUTHORIZED?

Novation sux ballz. Period.

29-May-10 04:43 PM

Nicky H    Said...

I bought their Zero SL after glowing reviews regarding AutoMap some time ago, and have periodically returned to the hardware to try and get into it. For me, it has been somewhat of a waste of money, although it looks pretty cool underneath the monitor:) I really struggle to move around the software. Occasionally I give it the benefit of the doubt and try again (usually when an update is released) but I again end up stratching my head and wondering why it's not keeping pace when I change software Instruments, return to Cubase etc. Coupled with the fact that it doesn't seem to play well with my other controllers and keyboards(although that could be Cubase's fault) it just becomes a complete pain in the arse to contend with.

I have a lot of equipment and don't really consider myself to be a newbi but this hardware has me beat. I got really excited over the concept and wanted to integrate with the controller, but for me Automap = Overated crap!

Has anybody else come to the same conclusion or am I selling this system short?

30-May-10 10:59 PM

Flux302    Said...

nah i heard from a source close to novation the arm in the pic IS the game changer... yup an automapping prostetic arm that protrudes from your chest to give you 3 handed scratch routines.

30-May-10 11:19 PM

johnh    Said...

I wish Novation would go back to their roots and make more synths. at leased a vst of the drumstation.

30-May-10 11:26 PM

Gary    Said...

yup agree with charlie and nicky, their stuff is great in concept but the automap software usually sucks and becomes more of a hassle than its worth.

launchpad works good but it's pretty much been made obsolete pretty quick by software on the ipad and soon other platforms.

31-May-10 11:34 AM

Gilleo    Said...

home page has changed, with a link to more images on Facebook.

01-Jun-10 08:21 AM

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