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Audio/CV Interface
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loneraver    Said...

Thank god for expert sleepers. MOTU wouldn't release volta for PC which made me mad. Expert sleepers looks like they made a superior product for cheaper!!

Hey Sonic State, any chance you would review Silent Way with or without this module? I've been following your site since the 17th episode (or somewhere around there) of your podcast and I find your reviews to be the most useful on the Internet.

31-May-10 08:49 AM

dorremifasol    Said...

I would buy it instantly if I knew it's compatible with the audio outputs of my Nord Modular G2! I'm dreaming of connecting a real modular with my virtual modular.

31-May-10 11:15 AM

Radiophobic    Said...


I think this is just to control modular gear. If you connect this interface and your g2 to your computer, you can run the audio of your modules in and out of the g2 and they should work together as you want.

31-May-10 05:58 PM

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