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New Open Labs Production Stations
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MPS    Said...

I'm not really seeing the "more affordable" part.

21-May-10 09:41 AM

/:setAI    Said...

I always wanted a Miko- but the price- and considering that in a few months you can get an HP slate and an x-station for less than a $1000- why would you pay so much for these?

21-May-10 10:14 AM


Who would be stupid enough to buy one of these?

21-May-10 03:16 PM

Matthew    Said...

I would buy one! This would go perfect with my mac! Have best of both worlds.

21-May-10 04:19 PM

Spaceman-X    Said...

More affordable my arse.

21-May-10 04:24 PM

pinahl    Said...

Can you say,"New England Digital"?

22-May-10 08:00 AM

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