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How To Make Dubstep in Cubase
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Woodington    Said...

Ha Wonder if there are any cracked software folders visible on these tutorials like others they've produced previously.

20-May-10 11:25 AM

Sara Dalzell    Said...

Hi Woodington

As I am sure you are aware, this was a genuine mistake in one of our earliest tutorials. The software was on the laptop and not actually used in the tutorial.

We take this very seriously but a member of our staff made a one-off mistake, we have held our hands up, apologised and removed the offending tutorial.

We are a very hardworking bunch of people who are absoulutely genuine about what we do. This is a fact which is appreciated by the thousands of happy subscribers who use our online video tutorials.

Sara Dalzell Marketing Manager Sonic Academy

20-May-10 02:56 PM

woodington    Said...

Fair enough

21-May-10 04:49 AM

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