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Roger Linn Previews New Instrument Concept
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Seems quite similar to the Eigenharp controllers, although that might not be a bad thing: after all, there are plenty of companies selling slightly different types of keyboard based controllers. I'd be interested to see how it compares in functionality and pricing.

17-May-10 09:03 AM

Prophet 2010    Said...

how about finishing the Linn Drum 2???

17-May-10 11:53 AM

waitingForLinnDumII    Said...

Finish the bloody Linn Drum II! Pretty please, please with bells on ... ah go on ... please ... ?

17-May-10 03:24 PM

Phil    Said...

Is it just me or did Lippold Haken already make this instrument?

17-May-10 08:19 PM

just a synth guy with a dream    Said...

how about making something the average person, old and young could appreciate and afford. Max/MSP, OSC, are great but what about just plain FUN? isnt there a market for that anymore?

17-May-10 09:29 PM

oh no not again!    Said...

Seriously?! Another matrix-programmer??? if the monome, akai mpc/ apc, and tenori on aren't enough?? How about something that works without different third party software programs to run? ever heard of plug and play?

17-May-10 09:41 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Having seen the video a little better this does seem to offer a different functionality than the Eigenharp products and if they can get a good price point by finding a cheap multitouch surface, this just may find a hole in the market. I was really impressed with the vibrato and slides. Having said this: you have to wonder how this would be different from an iPad app that would have this functionality.

18-May-10 06:11 AM

JesseJ    Said...

I see that layer of multitouch on top of an iPad. That's the immediate future of things to me...

18-May-10 09:13 AM

JesseJ    Said...

..aaand with "multitouch" I obviously mean polyphonic aftertouch!

18-May-10 09:14 AM

Dolphono    Said...

I would love a Linn pad controller for RMV vst.

18-May-10 08:34 PM

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