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Sonic LAB: Novation ZeRO SL MkII and Launchpad
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hiltonius    Said...

excellent review, nick! FAR better and more entertaining than the "ableton/novation live beats" event i attended last evening in NYC.

14-May-10 12:38 PM

Niels    Said...

Thanks Nick, enjoyed this review. You always do a great job.

14-May-10 08:43 PM

selercs    Said...

novation usually has a rich feature set but poor build quality. the sl 61 remote (original) that I owned once had a beautiful dual blue LCD display but very poor plastic bits coming off; some keys too tight, etc. (kinda like M-audio).

I am looking forward to this though, since Novation's automap is so revolutionary and useful.

I do hope Novation gets some external finish design cues from Japan (especially Yamaha that has impeccable build quality, even compared to Korg/Roland).

15-May-10 01:09 AM

Psych    Said...

Is it true that you have to use the mouse to highlight the effects to control them with the zero? can't you select them from the zero itself?

16-May-10 01:05 PM

elvii    Said...

whats the music at the end?

16-May-10 04:47 PM

Nick B    Said...

Psych, as far as I could tell yes, you do need the mouse, but it may be possible to assign something with the un-mapped controls to perform that function - though it wasnt immediately obvious to me.

elvii - the music is all in-house

16-May-10 05:02 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Hey Nick, do you know if this works the same way with the original Zero SLs or only for MKII?

19-May-10 10:40 AM

rodney polesmith    Said...

Screw Ableton. Fire up that Roland Jupiter6 sitting behind you. beautiful!

23-May-10 08:48 PM

Matt    Said...

as you select tracks on the hardware, the display can be made to follow the first effect in the chain (Useful for live performance)

24-May-10 03:10 AM

nickb    Said...

Thanks for the clarification Matt. I'm guessing this must wit in Live rather than the zero setup.

24-May-10 08:37 AM

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