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Dave Smith Mopho Keyboard Ships
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Benedict Johnson    Said...

I see the "push-it!" button still makes a pseudo appearance, despite the 30 or so other "push-it!" buttons just inches away..

Not much to complain about (but I think the GAIA synth looks cooler)

07-May-10 11:00 PM

Trus1te    Said...

You think the GAIA synth looks cooler?

Sure, if you like lots of features with a moderately acceptable sound .

Its like saying that a Peavey Vypr looks cooler than a 5150.

08-May-10 11:34 AM

panama Jack    Said...

GAIA synth is a plastic toyish looking thing, this looks classy, funky , and is analog.. kicks GAIA out the door..

09-May-10 05:07 PM

nhoj    Said...

Apples and oranges my friends. No point in comparing GAIA and MoPho since they are for different markets.

11-May-10 05:04 PM

jim    Said...

GAIA looks naff to me - while the keyboard MOPHO looks and, I would hazard a guess, SOUNDS like the dog's...

25-May-10 04:05 PM

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