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Podcast: Sonic TALK174 - Scott Humphrey Talks
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Trus1te    Said...

Great interview Nick!

And thanks for joining the podcast Scott--as a younger gentleman trying his hand at a music career it was great to hear a pragmatic voice in an industry of smoke and mirrors.


06-May-10 09:36 AM

mysticradio    Said...

great stuff Nick...........keep it up.

missed Dave Spiers ..... hope he is pushing his tail to get imp2 out on the market.

06-May-10 01:07 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast again Nick. It's good to see the podcast do something different from time to time. Having said that, I expect the regulars back next week with a double portion of anecdotes and insights! :-)

06-May-10 03:35 PM

DPtronic    Said...

I agree with Marc JX8P. Sorry the bands that Scott Humphrey has worked for in the past is really not my cup of tea or his iPod app. Keep it going Nick! Thanks for another great show!

06-May-10 11:47 PM

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