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ReBirth For The iPhone
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RP    Said...

Probably like many who use this site Rebirth was the app that started it all for me. Bought and played with the 'i' version last night and here's my thoughts

- Soundwise, Perfect...absolutely flawless simulation of the original. Simple as that

- Interfacewise Once you accept that the limited screensize means quite a bit of zooming and moving to get anything done it's definitely workable. I own both a touch and an iPad and working in 2x mode on the latter definitely makes things easiar, in short takes a bit of getting used to really.

On the plus side the menu options for things like clearing patterns etc is great and the Mod element is superb.

Conclusion If you own either an iPod, iPhone, iPad and $7 I cant think of any reason anyone into synth based music production wouldn't buy this. As opposed to being a watered down version of the original app it is absolutely detail for detail a miniature version of the original

04-May-10 07:36 AM

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