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Review: Roland AC-33 Portable Acoustic Power
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Is teh power "adapter" a wallwart style or built in? Looked from teh vid as though a wallwart style?

19-May-10 08:47 AM

kurtdaniel    Said...

I've owned a couple of acoustic amps and played through a bunch more. The Roland amps sound pretty good.

27-Sep-10 08:47 AM

Chris Beeson    Said...

Two problems not mentioned: 1. The power awitch is too easy to knock on accidentally for a battery amp, especiallly when carrying in a soft bag; 2. The cloth front doesn't protect the speakers as it should in an amp intended to be carried around a lot. But otherwise excellent. :-)

02-Aug-13 09:49 AM

LOXLEY    Said...

Equipment.. Now this is where it gets interesting.. I will start by saying that, I only know the tools I use. I am sure there are plenty of other bits of hardware available from all good manufactures.. and shops etc.. So you must understand that this is only an account form my experience.

So, I started with the Roland Street cube, a battery amp, with the option to use a power supply.. not that you can plug into the Pavement.. It has a duel channel function. It has various effects, and a great guitar channel, as well as a really good vocal channel.. Considering the light weight and size of this, and how small it is, the amp works really well. I think it’s only 15 watts, but it has enough volume to do the job.. Overall, an excellent product. If you use the buildings right, with early reflection etc, then the sound will be just right you will have a great time..

Anyway, a chance was then presented to me to have a go at the new Roland AC-33. It’s essentially the same type of product, so duel channel etc.. but with more power.. One of its bragging rights is that it has over a 100db.. Oooh nanny I thought.. There are a few lovely extra functions.. a looper, which is excellent, and a Line out function which you can connect to other sources.. PA ..

I hadn’t read all the small print with regards to hidden functions. What man reads instructions I hear every woman say. However, after a short 10 minute spell I realised a small problem with it.. or should I say quite a large problem. Once you start playing your guitar and singing, there is an inboard protection circuit that lowers the volume to give longevity to battery life.. So you start up your song and within a short time laps, you loose about a 3rd of the volume which is compensating, and conserving the power.. . You must use New batteries of course, which I did.. but alas, no banana..

So, it was back Music Warehouse, and the very helpful staff, to return what was now my second amp. As I thought the first one was defected.. and I am back to my Street Cube..

So My message to Mr Roland is … doh It didn’t do it for me.. There’s no need for the battery conservation.. It puts you off you performance, and is too irritating to have to adapt to. A simple quick fix, with perhaps less battery life, and you have a massive improvement and 100db. All the bragging rights shall return// And I will return to shop for a New one.. I’m waiting !!

18-Jun-14 08:19 AM

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