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Computer, Amp And Speaker All In One
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All in glorious mono?

19-Apr-10 12:20 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Anything more than 1.1 is overrated ! Haha..what do u need more in the mids of the Aussie bush except from a solar cell power supply ?! Aren`t u the back to roots guy I knew lightyears ago ? So , ur still alive Guru... Cya,Red !

19-Apr-10 08:57 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Yes! Glorious mono! Death to the tyranny of stereo! Long live the one!

19-Apr-10 10:25 AM

Pete    Said...

EPIC FAIL! A sad example of market research gone totally wrong

19-Apr-10 04:36 PM

CI    Said...

Having my DAW in an amp case would be totally cool. But using it to do only amp modeling for the amp, that would not be cool.

Does the massive speaker magnet could interfere with the computer components ?

19-Apr-10 05:45 PM

AndyB    Said...

Love Orange amps (and I own one), but this is kind of nasty.

19-Apr-10 08:12 PM

Radiophobic    Said...

It has all the standard I/O of a normal computer, including stereo line in, line out and microphone. I am sure you can use it as a normal computer, but it has the amp as one of the output options in the audio routing panel.

20-Apr-10 12:56 PM

perplexed    Said...

I was sure this had to be an april fools thing, but then I saw this was from the 19th..

08-May-10 09:19 PM

perplexed    Said...

I was sure this had to be april fools, but the news is from the 19th?

08-May-10 09:20 PM

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