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Amped Review: Polytune vs Tru-Strobe
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Hidden Driveways    Said...

Good review, but no mention of built-in microphones for tuning acoustic guitars! That's currently what I'm looking for (as my trusty TU-2 is lacking this).

12-Apr-10 12:16 PM

AndyB    Said...

Great review, Chappers!

I've been thinking of upgrading to the Polytune... so it's interesting to see a proper critical review rather than the usual love-fest that this pedal has been getting.

At the end of the day, it doesn't look like it would give me much more than my current Korg pitchblack - so I'll probably just keep what I have!

13-Apr-10 07:17 AM

Marko    Said...

great review. - But it's TC electronic - Not TC Electronics ;)

05-May-10 10:24 AM

Samuel Spamuel    Said...

Hey Chappers you completely missed the point of why and how the PolyTune works and saves time! Shame on you as your reviews are usually soooo good mate :(

This is what’s wrong with your review and understanding of the product (yes I have one and have done many many gigs with it now). It’s awesome!!!

1. The whole point of poly mode is to show you at a glance if your guitar is in tune or not - not to tune a wildly out instrument like it was at the start of tuning. A normal guitarist would pluck the individual strings first and it will switch to the needle mode automatically).

2. I can see why there is a difference between poly and mono also here watch what you’re doing with your left hand that’s resting and giving so much force onto the machine heads that will knock them out by a cent or two – actually if you let it ring after each strum rather than keep playing and playing you would see the poly mode shows that the bottom E was sharp too.

3. The company name is TC Electronic not TC Electronics! Tip - that’s what shown on the pedal and packaging – this is sloppy…

Sorry to be pedantic but I hate to see poor rubbish like this video knock one of the best products out there!!! I’m convinced that if you took the time to use one at a gig you’d see how fab this is mate. Seriously Sonicstate used to have expert reviews but after seeing this no wonder they never come up in gear talks/boards these days like they used to…


10-May-10 08:36 AM

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