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Bootsy Collin's Funk University Coming Soon
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r delnick    Said...

Hey folks. I was a registered student with Norwood Fisher and Cory Danziger in NABA. Which was Mr. Fishers own online bass school that was launched at the beginning of the the year. I paid for their full years semester and got three months in and it all stopped. Communication from Cory Danziger and Mr. Fisher stopped. ...I found out from another student a that NABA created by SceneFour, Cory Danziger, and Mr. Fisher was no more. I recieved no communication from any of the mentioned entities.

I suppose I'm the sucker, but I'm just letting anyone who plans to register with Cory Danziger and SceneFour in this "boosty collins funk university" to beware.

You may not be getting what you think your getting, and if it goes tits up in three won't be getting any communication to let you know that you're a sucker and you're out what ever you paid.

Good luck.

21-Jun-10 01:51 AM

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