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MESSE10: Korg microStation Workstation
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CrazyDriver    Said...

Right, is not a toy, but honestly. Only kids can play on those mini keys. And then...Korg has developed a revolutionary way to find the right sound out of thousands of useless patches. It's called...categorized!!! Wow! That's so cool.

29-Mar-10 10:37 AM


Why release something that looks like a toy, but then say " its not a toy, its not a toy".. small keys are tedious..

29-Mar-10 11:08 AM

Mysticradio    Said...

sigh................... REHASHED SYNTH ENGINE....... id rather have a microX than this, except for the recording deal.

but all korg is doing is putting the same engine in different boxes. IM OUT

29-Mar-10 11:46 AM

qmrhx    Said...

that's right korg do not develope new stuff, and they just put new toys with the same engine or old tritons,.. in fact they put out m3 and they still did not put new OS for a year now,.. i am also out from korg they suck,.. it is better go with new computer and vst stuff, cheaper way with unlimited variations

30-Mar-10 02:51 AM

Trus1te    Said...

Don't get too mad at them. They're re-releasing there MS series filters, which would lead one to believe the R & D has been in Analog synthesis, something we've been begging for, for quite sometime.

This thing is probably going to be great for kids of middle class parents and young adults crammed in NY City Apartments. I can't tell you how many bands I see with a micron from Alesis, which looks like a toy.

Anyway, the MS-Filter from korg has more excited than anything I saw from these reviews.

Thanks Nick for the great coverage.

30-Mar-10 12:05 PM

L56    Said...

Pfff..why would they not rehash their synth engine in different formats. At least were freed of the tired old Triton engine, this is EDS, the successor from M3 and M50.

As for M3 having no updates? Where have you been? M3 Xpanded is out...2 years now. That was a MAJOR MAJOR overhaul of what the M3 used to be when it was rolled out...3(?) years ago. I could know, I sold my M3 because I didn't like the OS...and two weeks after that, M3 Expanded was released. DOH!

Anyway: no company tends to updates synths with major updates after 2/3 years. Korg is no different from Yamaha or Roland. Talk about Roland Fantom G and it's OS least Korg delivered.

I'm not a Korg fanboy. I don't own any hardware synths anymore. I couldn't care less ;)

30-Mar-10 03:59 PM

Penile Peter    Said...

My hand is so big I could never play this. And let me tell you, my hand is not the only big thing on my hangs flacidly

31-Mar-10 02:46 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Miniature keys: I'm all for them - those Natural Touch keys are less obnoxious than they look.

Battery power: the misconception that batteries are for playing in places with no power is a fallacy, in reality you mainly just benefit from the convenience of not having to fuss with plugs.

Sequencer: I've never felt compelled to use a hardware sequencer, but clearly there are those who swear by them.

49MB of PCM samples: I expect the strings and drums would be useful to me.

As he reveals at the end, the microStation's target market is the microKorg and microSampler user. I'm sure it compliments those much better than for example how an M3 compliments a Radias.

02-Apr-10 07:06 AM

SBasc ombe    Said...

I wish Korg had kept a similar form factor as the MicroX. Before I returned mine to get a Juno G, all I really wished for on the MicroX was a sequencer and battery power. It would've been an excellent compact writing tool. Now they added a sequencer but gave us mini keys!!! 61 of them!!! Yikes! Bad Korg! I would've preferred 37 full size keys. I would have purchased it again.

17-Apr-10 12:23 PM

Pavel    Said...

Regarding the mini-keys: all the world's accordions have similar key width and I don't hear accordion players complaining about it. I play accordion too and standard full-size keys feel so HUGE to me. I can't get used to them.

So what does it mean? The mini-size is not a problem in itself. The difference from standard and the re-learning is the real problem.

(That was about key width. Key length is a different story. You need long keys when both your thumb and little finger rest on black keys. Accordions have narrow, but long keys. Korg has narrow and short... that could be a problem.)

18-Nov-10 07:30 AM

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