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MESSE10: Korg MP10 Pro Media Player - Different
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GAEG    Said...

The vocal canceling is rather interesting. Definitely something new from Korg. I do think there is a lot of market for these, good to see KORG realizing it.

30-Mar-10 12:40 PM

Anderw    Said...

I bought one of these units after seeing a demo on UTube, removing the vocal from a music CD , GET BACK by the Beetles. and although it was a very short demo i was impressed, BUT when i tried to do the same thing with at least 10 different songs from CDs it was nothing like the demo, completely unusable , it sounded like the sound was under water. I does say in the instructions that it will only work with certain CDs but you don't get the instruction manual until you buy the item and as i have said i tried at least 10 different songs and could not get it to work with one of them, so if you want one of these to use as a one man band and want to use this to remove vocals and use as backing tracks,,,,,,GET A LIVE DEMO

06-Jan-11 05:46 PM

David    Said...

not amazing at all… i'm sure you can do something with it but i was hopping for a full powered DAW, adapted for performance, plus advanced VJing options. the thing that removes vocals from the tracks would be much better if released like a software. this is really dissapointing comming from korg. i wonder what the market for this would really be.

09-Feb-11 04:35 PM

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