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MESSE10:New Nord Piano Coming Soon
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bartal    Said...

This product must please Mr Hilton :-)

27-Mar-10 07:34 PM

Dajebus    Said...

Nice. Sounds better than the Roland V-Piano to me. Nicer looking as well.

28-Mar-10 08:04 AM

Peter Kadar    Said...

I can't wait to check this out in person. I love Nord's philosophy about focusing on a few things, and creating instruments with character. It's a refreshing change from the big three.

28-Mar-10 01:07 PM


I thought the Dyno Rhodes sounded great, if a little too toppy, but then noticed that the treble knob was turned way up. It's a shame the sounds can't be layered - the bright Steinway or C7 layered with the Dyno would give you instant David Foster! Still, the new sounds loaded into the Nord Stage Ex would allow you to do that. Great sounding instrument though!

28-Mar-10 04:35 PM

hiltonius    Said...

the pianos sounded very good, and i liked the resonance feature. i'd like to hear some more less hype-y rhodes sounds, but i'm sure they're in there. looks like a winner to me!

29-Mar-10 01:54 PM

Alexis    Said...

sounds like any other sampled piano. no comparison to something like the V-piano. And the demonstartor didnt seem to be to happy to show his limited skills in public either......

30-Mar-10 07:53 AM

Bang Bros    Said...

I almost fell asleep watching this video. It was the bright red color of this keyboard that kept me awake.

31-Mar-10 02:55 PM

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