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MESSE10: Korg Monotron Teeny Pocket Synth
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flux302    Said...

would be cool if it were under $45 usd. but i would say more likely it's price should've been closer to maybe $30....

27-Mar-10 04:58 PM

teenymonsta    Said...

I'll take 4 of theese. I'm going to have some sonicjamfun with my family and friends. Parallel and serial. I'm also looking forward to what my 2 years old daughter will come up with on this one. Nice! And who knows what Korg will come up with after this little teaser....?

28-Mar-10 06:48 AM

Instantsoundexplosion    Said...

Korg Monotron + Moog Midimurf..?

28-Mar-10 07:50 AM

mysticradio    Said...

is this an April Fools joke? THIS is about as usesless as lint..... and sounds like electro-flatuence..........c'mon KORG INNOVATE...... quit making junk

28-Mar-10 02:02 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I'm sorry to say that there are far better apps out there in the iPhone App Store and only cost a few bucks. I agree with mysticradio on this one.

28-Mar-10 09:03 PM

Guy    Said...

How long before this "electro-flatuence" synth becomes as beloved as the SH-101, the TB-303, and the Stylophone? Today's sh** is tomorrow's coveted synth.

Does this mean Korg will be doing a bigger analog synth soon?

28-Mar-10 09:35 PM

Guy    Said...

It should also be noted that the external in and mod-ability make this a bit better than the cruddy ribbon controller suggests

28-Mar-10 09:38 PM

tb2    Said...

$30 i would consider it. but nothing more for this toy.

28-Mar-10 09:49 PM

GAEG    Said...

I gotta agree with Guy, shit in paper, but I bet this little beast sounds better than many iPhone apps and even dare saying some VSTs. True analogue filter... enough said!

Think of it like the Little Phatty. Why pay $1200 USD for a brand new MONO synth, when you could get a full fledged workstation M50 for even 200 less??

I´ll tell you why, it sounds good.

It also reminds me of the stylophone, simple, shitty, yet inspiring!

29-Mar-10 12:50 AM

CrazyDriver    Said...


Hello, my name is Boris #$!? I working for... Korg


29-Mar-10 10:24 AM

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