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MESSE10: Roland GAIA Demo
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loneraver    Said...

Yawn... Just to think this is the same company that gave us the Juno 6/60/106, Jupiter 8, TR-808, TR-909 and many others.

While not bad sounding, nothing is very inspiring here. I really want Roland to make me excited about their synths again.

27-Mar-10 07:19 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Roland always knows how to do crappy demos of their products...

Have you seen the videos on Rolands site for the GAIA? The sounds on that are exceptionally bad for a company of huuuge size!

Total Recall anyone?

28-Mar-10 04:40 AM

Kevin Nolan, Dublin, Ireland    Said...

I think its absolutely fabulous. It sounds great to me, but it looks so bright, and seem very straight forward and so easy to use (which is a big attraction to me - too many overly complicated synths out there!)

I own and use a Juno 106 and JD800 and this seems to have good elements of each of those. Like the Juno 106, it looks incredibly easy to program, and has bright and optimistic look about it. And like the JD800's 4-tone per patch - with easy access to the control panel for each tone - here similarly are 3-tones per patch which will give the GAIA awesome sonic potential. I cannot wait to get one.

For me, its a welcome return to straight forward, no nonsence but incredibly effective synthesis. I only wish they had released a 61 note version with aftertouch; but as is I'm incredibly excited and can't wait to get my hands on one.

28-Mar-10 05:11 AM

Voltz aka Lee Sebel    Said...

As a former Roland demo dude and factory programmer, I must say that is one of the lamest synth demos I have ever seen.

While I still lust for a V-Synth GT, I gave up on Roland synths when they ditched the JD-990/JD-800 engine. Their stuff took huge steps back in fidelity, and they have not come close since.

28-Mar-10 05:54 AM

NIck B    Said...

We have a full review coming ealry next week, so dont get too hung up on this demo.

28-Mar-10 06:01 AM

Instantsoundexplosion    Said...

This is soo great!! I can take it anywhere, and have fun with easy and powerfull sound manipulation. Thanks Roland you truly design the future!! Don't listen to the sad choir always singing the same old negative songs.... - now, there's a recall! ;-) By the way, I like this demo. No salesman with a tie, but a musician that changes a sound on the fly, and developes it through different musical needs, while showing of some of the main features of the instrument in no time. That's nice. A lot of other companies could learn from this. Makes me smile!

28-Mar-10 06:14 AM

Spoony G    Said...

My man, pots and pans! What a great demo! He had me dancing and clapping in my chair.

What'yall except for 450 euros, a Virus T98 or summin'?!?

Save your scorn for that what deserves it . . . that new Korg toy.

28-Mar-10 06:35 AM

Instantsoundexplosion    Said...

Gaia + Korg Monotron...?

28-Mar-10 07:43 AM

Cerebral Infect    Said...

Could we pass a law to prohibit the use of the Jump sound and chords in synths demo ?

Are there more filter types or the usual lame roland digital filter in there ?

28-Mar-10 11:43 AM

Peter Kadar    Said...

I like how quick it is to manipulate - it has the sliders like a Juno 106. I thnk it could be great for peopole who need a Roland VA.

Personally, I find myself gravitating more to the sound of real analog synths like the DSI and Moog stuff. But I love my V-Synth XT. This reminds me a bit of that.

28-Mar-10 12:39 PM

cr55    Said...

Khrist on a stick,'Final Countdown'?!

Maybe they can get someone to do demos playing covers from 'Travelogue','Metamatic', and or 'Empires & Dance'. Hell, throw in 'Gentlemen Take Polaroids'....


28-Mar-10 01:05 PM

Marcel    Said...

This is cool! A nice gear for playing and tweaking. Better OSC IMO than in the SH-201.

There are 64 voices poly at official price of $ 740.- Street price will be lower!!!!

So, I am going for it!!! I can't loose here :-)

28-Mar-10 02:47 PM

selercs    Said...

nice demo! great sound!

unfortunately i see whining flies again attracted to moan ahd bitch about this!

if you want juno 60, but it from ebay!

28-Mar-10 02:51 PM

tb2    Said...

i would the GAIA is a decent synth despite this guys lame attempt to demonstrate it. the question is does it have 'tap tempo' ability? if so this synth has my attention. it is more of a performance on the fly kind of synth for me. i like the idea of hands on.

28-Mar-10 03:14 PM

Instantsoundexplosion    Said...

"i would the GAIA is a decent synth despite this guys lame attempt to demonstrate it. the question is does it have 'tap tempo' ability?"

Jeez.. if you had seen the demo, you would know!

28-Mar-10 03:39 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

A new synth with loadsa knobs & buttons for a change. What is there not to like? The market is totally there. I'm fed up with Mini Keys also.

The demo guy was kinda stuck in the 80s but that's fine - he got the point across. Next show ROland should play it up and have all their demo guys have fake mullets & dress in jump suits!!!

I'd really love it if Roland would bring out virtual versions of their classic synths (just like Korg did). Arturia have the JP8, but what about the rest? How about it guys???

28-Mar-10 05:24 PM

Sammo    Said...

You know, I was waiting for the moment when he would start messing with the "D-Beam". Did he? I had to stop watching around the Jump backing track, just couldn't take it any longer.

Is the main criteria in Europe to buy a new VA synth the ability to re-create "the Nokia sound", the "Jump sound" and "the Final Countdown sound", I don't know.

The video demos at are much more informative, even though they sound horrible (especially the brief intro sound to them!!)

And this guy does this for a living? Unbelievable. Perhaps he's better in his native language.

29-Mar-10 02:08 AM

The Siege    Said...

Some people are so limited here and are posting nonsense....

The D-Beam is not new and you can see it on every gear from Roland, so there i no need to show this feature for 10 min.

And you have so many possibilities look to the demo and how the guy is tweaking (just a bit) to get new sounds...

In those shows the demo are short anyways, so test it by yourself.

And Nick B said there will be a full review about the SH-01, so wait a bit more for this.

And for $ 740 or less this synth is powerfull and not limited to the NOKIA sound!!!

29-Mar-10 02:57 AM

Gorgio    Said...

i saw another demo of the same guy where he showed the quality of the distortion by playing Smoke on the water. Makes you wonder how that stuff passes thru quality control........

29-Mar-10 11:19 AM

asgard    Said...

Well, first this is a pre-production model (last improvements?) and second it costs $ 740.-. So, if someone wants better board should pay more.

30-Mar-10 04:36 PM

LEE    Said...

@ Gorgio

The second vid you are refering has very bad mircophone used. Probably the camera microphone and those are very bad. So you can't say because of that the SH-01 sounds bad or coudn't pass the quality control.

Test the synth by yourself to get a real impression.

30-Mar-10 05:05 PM

Gorgio    Said...

@LEE i wasnt refering to the soundquality but to the shitty demo. i mean-smokeonthewater-WTF!

01-Apr-10 01:57 AM

Sammo    Said...

I have a feeling Gorgio might be this synth demo guy in disguise.

And if you're not, fyi, this is humor, Gorgio. I also wasn't craving for a D-Beam demo (I mean - come on.), that comment was tongue-in-cheek as well.

01-Apr-10 01:38 PM

Sammo    Said...

Oh sorry, I mean Lee, not Gorgio. :D

01-Apr-10 01:39 PM

Alexis    Said...

i like this version much better

04-Apr-10 01:16 PM

wombu    Said...

I must agree with Siege, many stupid comments here. The demo does show off the sounds and tweakabilities, plus it's a simple demo. What more do the nazis want.

11-May-10 01:22 AM

SonicDave    Said...

Jump and Smoke on the Water are not lame-o. thing is, if you are looking into a synth to play out (cover music - ie for money), most likely you are going to have to produce classic sounds. those two are practically the definition of that respective sound. I WANT to hear them. If you want to hear music, then go buy a cd. If you want to "see what she can do", then listen up.

26-Jul-10 04:33 PM

Dorian    Said...

Playing the smoke on the water riff on a synth is uberlame But i guess you are right about the target market that the guy is shooting for with his 80style brasssynth demos.

04-Oct-10 02:32 PM

Rob    Said...

I have to disagree with the "n(not) very inspiring" comment. I picked up a Gaia in August and I have been nothing but inspired. It's very cool in my opinion.

I noticed that there aren't any formums deidcated to the Gaia yet. So I've set up the first deidcated Roland Gaia user forum. Come I'm really hoping this can be a cool place for users to share thoughts, ideas and patches about what I think is one of the funner pieces of Synth to come out in a while.

Check it out!

13-Dec-10 11:26 PM

DJ Digital Josh    Said...

It was fun for me, but now I'm selling 1 on ebay for $475 + $25 Shipping!!!!!!! Look Up: Roland GAIA SH-01 Synthesizer Keyboard Synth and Extras

24-Mar-11 09:58 PM

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