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MESSE10: Palm-Sized Analog Synth
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Kaux    Said...

I guess you could safely say they are testing the market to re introduce real analog synths... dont you think?

Nice little product

24-Mar-10 08:11 AM

pinahl    Said...

Dang! Korg must have bought out the rights to the Gakken SX-150!!! Unoriginal Alert... Just check ebay...

24-Mar-10 10:42 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

I doubt Korg would have to rip off Gakken...actually this idea goes back to pAiA's Gnome of the 70s or even the Stylophone...

24-Mar-10 11:47 AM

pinahl    Said...

Buying the rights is not ripping off... Microsoft adds new functionality to Windows with products they either licenced or purchased outright. If you look at the controls on the Gakken and the Korg, they are arranged almost 1 to 1... Quite unlike the gnome (lots of knobs) and the Stylophone (volume only).

24-Mar-10 12:18 PM

Peter Kadar    Said...

A real analog MS series filter?


I guess the synth is a nice little extra ;)

24-Mar-10 05:27 PM

DBM    Said...

Can't wait to see some one rip two or three of these apart and build a kick ass DIY in to their MS20 usb controller .

24-Mar-10 06:17 PM

coloring pad    Said...

I will be ripping this open and I will be modding it.... good fun awaits.

24-Mar-10 07:06 PM

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