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MESSE10: Two New Korg Electribes
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DC    Said...

So nay other improvements other than the SD card? The gear people are using has moved on a lot since 2004 It would be a shame to see korg stuck there.

24-Mar-10 06:05 AM

rp    Said...

Good lord, what are Korg thinking. MSRP of $750. You could indeed just put the cost towards a time machine and go back to 2004 if that's what you wanted to do. I say all this as a proud owner of many Korg pieces of kit.

24-Mar-10 08:06 AM

Aymeric    Said...

After 6 years of innovative development Korg unveils the sd card for Electribes... I hope for an April 1st joke !

24-Mar-10 01:24 PM

bippy    Said...

i am upset now.

24-Mar-10 02:20 PM

P.P.    Said...

I just don't know what KORG is thinking! Last time they are doing wired things. Small gadget synths like micro sampler and other such stuff.....

And after 6 years of EMX/ESX they just replaced the smart media slot!!!

Who is going to buy this certainly not the owner of a EMX/ESX.

24-Mar-10 06:19 PM

MAD    Said...

I'm Super MAD. i just but the esx1 just last month! rage!

24-Mar-10 07:02 PM

George    Said...

They increased just the storage memory, the flash memory is only 50 mb like the original so this SD is absolutely useless cause you need to loaded again if you want more samples. and limit is the same 100 mono + 50 stereo. SP-404 read samples direct from the memory card for a few years now... Very stupid move Korg!!!!!

25-Mar-10 02:30 PM

P.P.    Said...

Hey, guys just get the OCTATRCK from The price will be 1'200.- and you will have much more possibilities. Just have a look to the OCTATRACK, wow.

25-Mar-10 02:52 PM

Mike    Said...

KORG overstreached the cashcow!!!

Hm, yes the OCTATRACK has much more possibilities than the recycled ELECTRIBE SX.

25-Mar-10 03:18 PM

GioMakyo    Said...

I'm really surprised they didn't do more. The arpeggiator/ribbon controller is a weak point, these could really use the ability to choose from multiple arpeggiator patterns not just the same one every time.

These are good, rugged little units for live use, but people are better off buying the old ones now for very cheap prices and tracking down some Smart Media cards.

25-Mar-10 10:37 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I will be intrigued to see what the new Electribes will be like when Korg eventually release some new ones. So much's happened since - not least of all the rise of the Kaossillator, who's ancestry is in the Electribe.

02-Apr-10 07:23 AM

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