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DSI Mopho Keyboard Update
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raphus    Said...

What are two-shot knobs? I can't wait to try it out.

20-Mar-10 02:29 PM

qwerty    Said...

Yellow, why? :(

21-Mar-10 03:22 AM

SekondThought    Said...

Because it's not as boring as black?

21-Mar-10 07:17 AM

CI    Said...

still waiting for the Tetra keyboard ! And I want it pink !

21-Mar-10 05:51 PM

P.P    Said...

Great looking forward to this synth. Yes, it's yellow, great.

Yellow is better for such a little synth, it's outstanding!

21-Mar-10 05:55 PM

eXode    Said...

O/T @ sonicstate:

It might be worth noting that Dave Smith has re-released the Poly Evolver Rack! I got a mail about it last week. Check their homepage!

22-Mar-10 02:32 AM

Niels    Said...

Interesting product - it's just too short. 32 keys makes it useful for indie rockers and electronic musicians needing a relatively short range of tones. As a jazz/funk player, 32 keys is useless.

I for one don't want to see a Tetra keyboard. It'd cut into Prophet 08 sales and be, well, not the best option. I'd love to see a Prophet 08 Rev. 2 with feedback and subosc.!

28-Mar-10 09:57 AM

L    Said...

Nooo, Can't belive they went with yellow! First off, It looks cheap.... Second point is, pairing this with a Tetra/prophet (black) has been a big part of there marketing as soon as they announced it, so why the hell make it clash???

28-Mar-10 05:30 PM

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