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Rare Chance To See Vince Clarke At His Studio
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synthgeek    Said...

Great video. Vince collection is incredible. It's like a vine collector. just the best. The guy knows his stuff. Thanks for posting.

19-Mar-10 11:17 AM

synthgeek    Said...

A arp 2600 just for grooves! holy smokes!

19-Mar-10 11:18 AM

The Guvnor    Said...


I wonder if anyone bought his old 'Teletubbies concrete bunker' studio...

19-Mar-10 12:44 PM

synth guy    Said...

Can you spell GAS? :)

19-Mar-10 12:53 PM

mysticradio    Said...

complete BONERVILLE !!!

thanks for posting NICK

19-Mar-10 10:44 PM

big fan    Said...

great post!


20-Mar-10 12:06 AM

Jesse    Said...

Great post indeed! Big thanks!

20-Mar-10 07:05 AM

Leigh Kemp    Said...

Cheers Nick , Great post

20-Mar-10 12:57 PM

Arszy    Said...

Cool video, well done. Nice to see that Vince likes Portland, Maine. I like the peace and quiet of Maine very much too.

21-Mar-10 01:25 PM

Koshdukai    Said...


25-Mar-10 05:51 AM

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