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Korg Compares The Kaossilator Pro & The Kaoss Pad 3
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Gustavo    Said...

It seems like they are both different sides from the same coin. KP3 is a KOPRO focused on sampling and effects, a KOPRO is a KP3 focused on sounds per se and looping.

They could´ve done this in only one product that costs a tad more, but I guess it is more profitable if they keep them separated, we must all remember that every company is first a company...

10-Mar-10 07:09 PM

pavpy    Said...

Don't you wonder if this is just a different OS or app loaded onto the same hardware?

11-Mar-10 01:38 AM

Peter Kadar    Said...

I was thinking the same thing as you Gustavo. I wonder if they combined them if that unit would be as easy to use as two separate ones.

It'd be cool if they made a big unit with two touch pads, almost like two sides of a DJ turntable, don't you think?

21-Mar-10 03:26 PM

TBA03    Said...

this guy is really not that good using them tho, nice talking, poor usage, and we even heard the KP3 loosing tempo when he first sampled in it, it flammed before he muted the K01 pro im still buyng it tho, with the new stylokorg

24-Mar-10 04:55 PM

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