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Sonic LAB Review: Yamaha DTX-Multi 12
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Like the review! Also, a very cool drumpad.

08-Mar-10 04:25 PM

Cerebral Infect    Said...

Thanks for the review. But it wasn't your best (sorry).

Well, it looks like a straight contender to roland SPD-20 Roland SPD-30. Why not do a comparative review to the SPD_30 ? Add the Alesis performancepad too !

I used to have a SPD-20, but sold it. Programming kit on it was a tedious job and no midi editor was available for it. Luckily we are in the 2010 where everything can be programmed on a computer. And by looking at the DTX, you will need a computer for it or DX7 patience !

08-Mar-10 11:04 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for the comments. It would have been lovely to do a comparisson, but that would have turned into a 30minute show I think.

09-Mar-10 01:32 AM

MPS    Said...

I have had one since December. Some thoughts...

The Aux In is for connecting an MP3 player to practice along with or to monitor some external signal.

The acoustic kits, to be frank, were few and disappointing. The Hipgig and cocktail kits are thin and weeny sounding. Not useful to me, but maybe someone else would love them. There seems to be a lot of India related drum sounds compared to everything else. Not sure why that would be. I also think it is a shame that Yamaha felt compelled to have so many "Human beatbox" sounds in memory. No use to me whatsoever and in a machine that samples it seemed a shame to include so many sounds in ROM that you could make on your own and load in if you want. I wish there was an editor program and a way to add and subtract from the factory sounds.

I have also struggled with making a layered, velocity switched sound. The process is quite convoluted compared to my old SPD pad.

All that aside i think that having 12 pads in such a compact, Darth Vader looking package is wonderful. I am an all electronic drummer and this works in to my V-Drum system to the left of my hi-hat for bells and claps, triggering loops and adding spice.

Since the new Roland SPD-30 appears to be aimed more at loop based "groove" stuff, and I mostly just play these things live, I am glad that I have the Multi-pad.

09-Mar-10 08:30 AM

Igor C    Said...

Sorry, is it possible to make live loops with the dtx multi 12 as it can be made with octapad spd 30?

02-Sep-10 08:57 AM

Arwain Christian    Said...

just one question. What process do you use to be able to start and stop a external sample that was imported in wave format, using the pad in which the sample was imported.(the pad is set at loop and not one shot )

12-Apr-12 10:18 AM

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