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Sonic LAB: Kaossilator Pro Review
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pingu chaversly    Said...

Unlike you - big bald and loopy :)

24-Feb-10 08:53 AM

DanDynomite    Said...

Great Review. Thanks. I still want to see how it is in extenral mode, with say a Rack Synth via MIDI. I think you used USB to ur computer for that mode. It would be cool to control other synths with this to see what I can come up with.

24-Feb-10 09:20 AM

DBM    Said...

Dose the Gate/Arp send through the MIDI out ? - Clocking Issues aside that is .

I agree Nick an OS upgrade to fix the sync and add Midi note in would make this more usable for more people ...I don't see how Korg wouldn't want that ?

24-Feb-10 11:38 AM

Nick B    Said...

Nope, it doesnt output ARP to MIDI out.

I think the MIDI not in would present a whole bunch of other issues - velocity sensitivity, more programs editable synth ending etc, etc

This would make the KOPRO into something completely different. I guess that might be why?

24-Feb-10 01:25 PM

NIck B    Said...

MIDI note in, editable synth ENGINE - jeez my typing!

24-Feb-10 02:13 PM

Jesse    Said...

Thank you for yet another excellent review!

24-Feb-10 03:36 PM

DBM    Said...

Thanks for the info Nick

24-Feb-10 04:03 PM

Gustavo    Said...

Congrats Nick!! Great review! Very complete, I must say and quite enjoyable.

I will get one when I see it available in my local stores. Korg should listen to you! Out-of-the-box true midi playability will make it a much better device!

24-Feb-10 06:04 PM

Gustavo    Said...

BTW links for loop 2 and loop 3 are apparently dead...

24-Feb-10 07:15 PM

Tracy Evans    Said...

Another outstanding product review. Nick, you are really good at these. I like playing around with my Kaossilator, the shortcoming being sync. Very sorry to hear that this problem was not nailed in the Pro version. And why have a synth that cannot easily work well with a keyboard. What a missed opportunity, Korg.

24-Feb-10 10:00 PM

rs663    Said...

great review Nick a review really showing the shine and miss of the unit!

24-Feb-10 10:10 PM

mysticradio    Said...

well every year they're gonna spoon feed us more B AND W's ........... mark my words next Kaosillator will have user sampling.

stay tuned......

25-Feb-10 12:41 AM

Mark    Said...

Thank you so much for the review! I am a huge fan of the KO1, and have had a preorder in on the KOP for nearly a month. Can you MIDI clock sync it with the KP3? If so, the potential for me is huge. Thanks!

25-Feb-10 04:15 AM

Roxxx    Said...

Nick B Said... Nope, it doesnt output ARP to MIDI out.

I pray to God in external control mode the Gate-Arp sends its patterns as midi-out-notes ???!!!

25-Feb-10 08:37 AM

Nick B    Said...

Nope, external mode its just a controller, it doesnt operate in the same way. X/Y/touch=Note+ CC and buttons n fader=CC

25-Feb-10 11:07 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great review, cool product! Good points too - it would be really cool if it were directly playable over a keyboard.

25-Feb-10 11:51 AM

Adventures.beyond    Said...

Great review an aditional question.... can the kp pro when its sending midi data be used to control a soft synth in your DAW like the internal synth? as being able to play like that would be loads of fun.

26-Feb-10 07:18 AM

Nick B    Said...

Sure, I dont see why not, in EXT control mode it act just like a regular MIDI controller except the X axis are the notes

26-Feb-10 08:19 AM

abc123    Said...

is the x axis in ext.control mode locked to a note, or can you edit it to be a CC value like on the KP3?

27-Feb-10 06:03 AM

Oscario    Said...

Regarding midi note out. Will it send out the selected note scale and key, or is it just chromatic?

04-Mar-10 04:16 AM

Oscario    Said...

Appreciate the review, thnx. Regarding Midi-out. Will it send out the notes of a selected note scale & note key or just chromatic scale?

04-Mar-10 04:18 AM

Max G    Said...

No real MIDI sync, short phrase length, no undo, max loop files saved on SD 850k (!), slow load and save, no midi note control.

16-Mar-10 01:10 PM

dvelop    Said...

I wanted it until I found out that you have go through craziness to play the sounds on it with a midi keyboard.

06-May-10 02:45 AM

Andreas Schipplock    Said... I bought a midi controller keyboard just because of your unboxing video :P...

25-Jul-10 10:35 AM

Benji-man    Said...

Hi Nick. Great review! Do you think it is possible for Korg to fix the Sync and MIDI controller 'short comings' via a firmware update? Or will i be putting my KOPRO up on eBay when they release another unit with these functions on it? regards

17-Nov-10 07:36 PM

Brandon    Said...

So for a laymen like myself, is it possible that you could do a video solely focused on how to play the K Pro internal sounds with a separate midi controller?

05-Jan-11 09:10 PM

josh    Said...

thanks for the review. thought i was going mad as i watched my external sync number moving up and down in ableton. wish they would sort that as it really limits it as a live instrument without being able to stay in sync. thanks!

07-Apr-11 03:56 PM

Ash    Said...

Found this patch which allows you to play the Kaossilator via a midi keyboard. Very useful. Hope it helps someone.

23-Jan-13 08:42 AM

Jeremy    Said...

Can you PLEASE post something that shows the EXACT parameters you set in Logic and the Editor software?

I use Logic myself, and can find no specific tutorials that show how it's done. I even tried mimicking the Transform settings I saw in the video, and I think I'm still missing something.

11-Jun-13 01:20 AM

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