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Behringer Phat 108 - A Concept Poly Synth?
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loneraver    Said...

oh man!!! Just the thought of a reissued midi/USB Juno 60 gets me excited.

15-Feb-10 07:28 AM

CasiBlake    Said...

They SHOULD enter the synth market. Dave Smith does a great job of having synths at all price ranges, but I just know that Behringer could get a fully hardware keyboard synth even cheaper than the rest.

I doubt it'll sound all that good, but I'll be happy to see it released.

15-Feb-10 07:37 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

There really aren't too many choices out there for mass market hands-on synths anymore. I go into my local big-name music stores and what used to be a bustling metropolis of knob & switch encrusted synths is now just a wall of cookie-cutter workstations with a few sliders, an LCD display, and if you are lucky, dedicated knobs for filter cutoff & resonance.

No small wonder kids are buying soft-synths..

15-Feb-10 02:33 PM

CasiBlake    Said...

Agreed, few are entering the hardware synth market now because software has taken over. But, hell as much as I love Alchemy (it's a great synth), it will never ever replace my Waldorf synths. Real knobs, thankyou! *cough*

Go on Behringer, release some keyboard and rack/desktop synths. Or even samplers using flash RAM, that'd be fantastic as well!

15-Feb-10 03:29 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Also, no matter how good the controller keyboard is with its automap or midi-learn capabilities, unless you have a cardboard template for each softsynth overlaying the knobs & switches with its individual function written out, its really difficult to remember what each knob & switch has been assigned to.

15-Feb-10 04:33 PM

Cerebral Infect    Said...

I would even trade my Juno-106 for a Phat 108. So far, the dreaded filter IC failure hasn't strucked my Juno... But I am keeping my finger crossed.

To be even better, if behringer would merge the oscillator shape of the Alpha Juno with the Juno 60 filter, that would be awesome.

15-Feb-10 07:10 PM

Dre    Said...

I hope your real about this,but Dave Smith brought back the hardware Prophet why not bring back same of the classic syths with updated designs and tech in mind as well if your going to do this do the mosted loved ones for example the Juniper-8 into an actural hardware Dave did why not you guys

16-Feb-10 04:07 AM

raphus    Said...

A Jupiter 8 with wheels instead of a paddle (so mod could be left on without needing to be held in place). Oh man oh man oh man.

16-Feb-10 11:02 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

Hmm, lots of people voted MiniMoog but that already exists (Voyager)!!!

Do people really think the Voyager is hopelessly inferior to the old Model D? Or do they just want Behringer to make one that costs $500?

17-Feb-10 02:47 PM

MPS    Said...

I want a brand new Arp 2600 clone!

If DSI are selling the P '08 for $2,000.00 there is no way that you are going to get close to that feature set for less money. Even if it's made in China. Knobs and sliders cost money.

19-Feb-10 08:23 AM

Arboat    Said...

I love Behringer, great place to work!,11_IL.12,14_IN2.htm

18-Nov-14 10:24 AM

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