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The Ultimate Reason Upgrade
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giveitawaynow    Said...

10 years too late and it should have been part of reason like people asked for from the beginning year after year, NOT a separate product, they could have made it a recording device within reason, but no, probably thought there would be more profit in it selling separately.,.give it away....give it away....give it away.... now

12-Feb-10 08:27 AM

The S    Said...

screwed them selves by keeping the system closed. Not everyone likes Reason sounds. So you want us to route VST's that we like from another CPU into a record DAW over snakes or what have you>? - Fruck outta here. DON'T BUY RECORD UNTIL THEY INCORP VST DIRECTLY, Or VIA SOME KIND OF PROTOCOL such as rewire.

12-Feb-10 08:55 AM

Trus1te    Said...

There once were two children, Ableton and Propellerhead. They both were popular among the other kids, as they were very apt at piracy and easy to get along with.

As their friends grew up, some of them started earning enough money that they started paying Ableton and Propellerhead for their services.

They both became rich. However, the more money they made the more their weaknesses were being exposed.

Ableton's friends said "let us have VST and midi!" and Propellerhead's friends said "let us have VST and audio recording!".

Ableton saw that if he fixed his short comings he would get more followers. So he did.

Propellerhead, always having been the more popular of the two, coped out. He said, "I am just a big softsynth station. Using rewire you can plug me into a real DAW and do everything you want!"

Propellerhead's friends saw that this was no good. They new that Reason's CPU load was intensive and the overall substance of the sounds it created were not enough to merit it as a CPU-hogging VST.

Ableton saw this, and started integrating the functionality of reason into its midi implementations. Propellerhead's friends took notice. Soon, Propellerhead had very little friends. He noticed that his friends were not interested in his development anymore. So he tried to save face...etc... I'm tired of writing...but you get the picture

12-Feb-10 10:24 AM

Dolphono    Said...

The new VST module is coming in the next reason upgrade. ;-)

12-Feb-10 11:22 AM

SekondThought    Said...

If Ableton are so great, why did they lose $9 million dollars from the previous years sales income and only bring in $4.2 million last year, when in previous years they took over $13 million dollars? Yes, it was a hard year for many companies, but that is a major drop.

Live 8 is still full of bugs, has had over ten revisions in nine months and still crashes on a regular basis (I know, I own it). Anyone doubting this, head on over to the Ableton forum and see for yourself. Could this have anything to do with four major Ableton coders leaving to form a new company (called Bitwig), who are about to release a competitor to Live? I think it might! Look at the job openings on the Ableton site...

2009 wasn't bad for all companies though. Propellerhead took in $38.9 million last year, helped no doubt by Record (and as Record only went on sale in September '09, that shows that Reason and ReCycle must still be selling well too).

Makes you think, doesn't it?

13-Feb-10 11:38 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I just treated Record as a nice-priced Reason 5 upgrade instead of as a separate product.

I lot of people spent a lot of time and energy complaining about the lack of audio support in Reason and now that it's here, they are STILL not satisfied and move on to something else to whine about.

Last time I looked, Propellerhead didn't have a gun to anyone's head making them buy their product. Its a nice little toy with some natty features so I bought it. It doesn't have VST support right now, sure. That's why I bought Ableton Live (among other things). If you don't like what you see, get something else.

Different tools, different feature sets.

13-Feb-10 11:44 AM

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