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Podcast: Sonic TALK164 - Birds n Guitars
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DBM    Said...

Knew you would dig the iConnect


11-Feb-10 08:57 AM

DBM    Said...

Steinberg and Apple should rerelease the original Atari/C64 apps for Ipad/Iphone

Or even better Abelton should release a midi only version of Live for iPad

11-Feb-10 09:31 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Cool podcast, nice diversity of subjects too!

11-Feb-10 11:39 AM

mysticradio    Said...

just a heads up to collectors. I have an original CRY BABY by JEM INDUSTRIES......with the first gen FASEL INDUCTOR....... has original case.... no writing on it. Of course this is long before aquisition from DUNLOP... contact at in working order..........just a bit sticky.... needs some polish so to speak

12-Feb-10 10:09 AM

DPtronics    Said...

I got the TouchOSC app and the OSCulator and it works excellent on my iPod Touch. It required some reading to figure out. This is exactly what I needed for Ableton. Thank You Mark Tinley for sharing this app with us!

16-Feb-10 11:02 PM

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