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New MIDI Hardware Step Sequencer
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selercs    Said...

Hmm...another European copycat of Japanese technology. But I still like it. I am proud of these companies for resurrecting Roland technologies from the past. Jomox was once my favorite. Now I might try this one.

Its a shame that Roland is not making these anymore, lol.

05-Feb-10 01:34 PM

Robbie Ryan (I Love Analogue)    Said...

What's really sad is that Roland don't's great that JoMoX, Doepfer, and Analogue Solutions get to play in the gorgeous sandbox of the Japanese analogue titans of the past, but so be it. I'm glad that we get to enjoy them.

06-Feb-10 09:29 AM

Sporeprint    Said...

yes, I really do not understand why Roland doesnt rerelease their old gear. They would make a killing! But instead they keep putting out their digital shit boxes, (mc 303,307,505,909,808) Ive owned all of them except the 303 and they are just very cheap imitations. Why put out imitations when you could put out the real thing??

07-Feb-10 10:49 AM

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