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Apple To Buy World's Largest Record Label?
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Bramley    Said...

I wonder if they were waiting until the Apple vs Apple Records stuff got resolved before making this kind of move.

makes sense though, you can see these large record labels struggling to make ends meet with the online uncertainty - this kind of offer has to be attractive to the shareholders

14-Apr-08 06:08 AM

Pink Lady    Said...

You think? Seems like posturing to me, I wonder what would happen if they actually said "yeah okay, we'll sell?"

Apple might just be putting the squeeze on labels who havent signed up to their new online scheme (whatever that is). A sort of, if your not with us your against us kind of thing

14-Apr-08 06:11 AM

FriendlyGuy    Said...

this is old

10-May-10 03:38 PM

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