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Dolphono    Said...

I think it's great, the iPhone has so many neat music apps. The developers make better musical tools for this device than on a mac or PC. I see this device as a boon for the industry.

All I need now is an AKAI iPK88 for the iPad and I'm golden. ;-)

28-Jan-10 12:58 AM

Velocipede    Said...

A lot of people seem to be upset because they were expecting/wanting a MacBook tablet. There responses seem rather overwrought.

I was expecting a jumbo iPod touch and got it! I'm looking forward to using my music apps on it.

(By the way, there is at least one company that already sells MacBooks that have been converted into tablets.)

28-Jan-10 01:23 AM

Velocipede    Said...

Ouch! "Their responses.."

28-Jan-10 01:24 AM

zvukoprocessor    Said...

well well well... apple is a consumer electronics company. this iPad thingie is a giant communicator, cool for traveling, cool for busy scientists in the movies :-), ah, we can run APPS! but we can't synchronize those to the rest of the studio world, can we? or am I missing something? how difficult was to add a USB port or two, so we could connect sound cards and controllers to it? Well this is the best Internet computer ever and thats it, nothing more than that.

28-Jan-10 03:14 AM

Nick B    Said...

I think the key to the thinking behind this is that it is a consumer device, aimed squarely at the casual home user cup-o-tea check the email, nice object to own.

I can see that Apple are looking at the facebook users - all 9 squillion of them and the cable tv and holiday snaps lot - and that is a LOT of people.

Maybe even the whole eBook thing will finally become a reallity. But for music makers? Its going to get some great apps I'm sure - imagine the Jazzmutant Lemur or Dexter app (assuming the wifi is up to speed on it) now I might just buy one for that alone - after all its a long way shy of the $2k+ they cost. Something like that would be an attractive proposition - assuming Apple let it through - and thats the thing - its a closed system and not a multitasking one and that IS rather a shame. I wonder how long it will be before people hack this into something really useful?

It will have its purposes for sure, but it IS actually just a big iPod touch. Whatever you think of it, it is likely to be a major milestone in the development of personal computing.

28-Jan-10 03:34 AM

DC    Said...

jazz mutant must be shitting their pants.

28-Jan-10 06:28 AM

jeebus    Said...

If you want to see it as a big ipod touch I think you are missing the point. Or you are not giving the touch enough credit. It's as good as the software made available for it. Personally I see the iPad as a multitouch controller for my mac audio software. Get crackin' developers!

JazzMutant was my first thought too!

28-Jan-10 07:09 AM

Gustavo    Said...

I think that while it may be useful for the home user that only checks mail/facebook and surfs the internet (withouth much typing) has this one as a useful tool.

For the more serious users (be it music industry or not) I think that a netbook is a better bet. Typing is much easier and there is tons of flexibility. Plus prices are quite similar.

While multitouch is rather cool, I am personally not so amazed nor seeing a true need for it. Sure I would be glad to have it, but would not sacrifice what I already have in a normal computer just to have multitouch. BTW Yes I was hoping a Mac tablet, which could have been done.

I personally dont expect much from a giant iTouch, its ok... but just ok. Doesnt seem to do much more than the iTouch.

28-Jan-10 08:02 AM

Tony    Said...

I agree 100% with the CDM artical. This thing is great for grandma but bad for the computer industry in general. I wont buy anything thats locked down to apple and the iTunes app store ecosystem. Period.

28-Jan-10 09:36 AM

Leezu    Said...

How long until every major DAW will have a iPad controller app?

They'e got two months if they want to beat Apple and the race is on.

28-Jan-10 09:57 AM

DBM    Said...

If they release a 30 pin usb hub for it I see much promise and potential for midi and synth apps ! I would love to run a midi only version of somthing like live on this to control my hardware live . I'd also love to see a au/vst host for it so I could run an instance of oddity , impOscar , minimonsta , V-Station , or attack live . Also a mic stand attachment ! in other words I could see this ( maybe ) two replacing laptops on stages .

28-Jan-10 11:30 AM

Bob Borries    Said...

We will surely eat this up, as far as what it can do and what instruments it replaces… here’s a short list…

Launch Pad Korg Kaossilator Pro Yamaha Tenorion Akai MPC-1000 Monome Lemur Buchla 222e

The iPad is running at 1GHz, many times faster than all these instruments. It’s the Live Controller from heaven.

28-Jan-10 01:21 PM

Marty    Said...


No, thanks :(

28-Jan-10 02:13 PM

DBM    Said...

I could see this working with Volta too ? I'm looking at you MOTU !

28-Jan-10 02:23 PM

Rob Willson    Said...

I think it is a move forward in the right direction, I personally find the I phone interface a little claustraphobic and restictive to be taken seriously for music apps, and use musics apps for fun and passing the time of day.

However the Ipad as Nick said previous a multi touch interface would be good,

I think when manufacuters like akai start to provide keybeds for Iphones there must be much untapped potential, interesting times, just factor midi into something like i syn or Xewton music sequencer and get midi into the equation, then there is some mighty potential.

From some of the comments it is considered to be a lesser powered macbook, dont forget that the computer music revolution did not start on powerful G5's originally. Ataris ruled and simplicity was not always such a bad thing, in a creative environment.

28-Jan-10 04:33 PM

59min    Said...

Please make something like Rebirth as app for iPad:

I'll buy iPad just for that!


31-Jan-10 04:29 AM

GNZT    Said...

Like my iPhone and the kids ipod Touches, the iPad is still far from the best internet experience as it fails to work with Flash period, even in the presentation they went to a site a bang, a flash component on the site was clearly not working. All they needed to do was put a multi-touch screen on a macbook air base and the facility to run iPhone/touch apps on the MacOS.

10-Feb-10 02:06 PM

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