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WNAMM10: Rocking Miss Daisy
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Blue Monster 65    Said...

Laugh all you want, but these guys ... umm ... gals ... have a great niche in the market, know what they're doing and who they sell to, and - this is the bottom line - make a product that's great bang for the buck. I wish them continued success!

26-Jan-10 09:10 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hey, no ones laughing. I think they look fantastic, and by all accounts they are too

26-Jan-10 09:39 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Sorry, Nick - didn't mean to imply you were derisive. Back when I was working for a rather large dealer and we took this line on, the attitude towards them was just that. I argued that the reasons we brought them aboard was for the above, but many of the salespeople just didn't see it that way. Pity, as they missed the boat entirely and probably lost customers because of it.

26-Jan-10 02:04 PM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah I know, Rob was pretty impressed with them too, I think he was trying to get hold of one to test.

26-Jan-10 03:17 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Not gonna go there ... not gonna go there ... not gonna ...


26-Jan-10 09:30 PM

lupert    Said...

the interviewer is a moron. why would he include japan with indonesia and china???

japan designs their own stuff like korg/roland/yamaha/tascam, etc.

japan would never manufacture something for an american company lol.

30-Jan-10 09:18 PM

Alex    Said...

ooh i think rob's well in there, she liked his accent lol

01-Feb-10 04:16 AM

thomas4th    Said...

@lupert - I'll see your ignorance and raise you the fantastic bang-for-the-buck that is the Japanese-made Fender product line.

@ The Video - I kind of really want that purple quilted axe . . .

03-Feb-10 01:39 AM

selercs    Said...

Japan makes Ibanez, which is their own innovative designs. However, the rules don't always apply: Italy and USA many times assemble Roland (Japanese) products. And China innovates: the company SE electronics (Reflexion Filter) is one of a kind Chinese company that is highly innovative and engineering oriented.

Anyway, let's get to the topic. These women rock! I always wished I married a rocker chick...but hey, its too late now.

08-Feb-10 12:55 AM

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