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WNAMM10: Line 6 Launches Wireless Systems Worldwide
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Ripped off buyer    Said...

If only we could get Line 6 to release a drivers , and fixes for their Apps and plugins on OSX10.6 ! ...Oh wait we may get beta part two next month ?!? Line 6 = Fail

25-Jan-10 07:28 AM

mysticradio    Said...

well......... BRACE AUDIO...... has similar system.... no companding and blah blah.... for $149 u.s. And its quiet as a mouse. you can run several guitars on the same receiver and additional transmitters are $99 ......... so at $299 Line6 will have to do better

25-Jan-10 12:29 PM

mysticradio    Said...

or was it $399

25-Jan-10 12:29 PM

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