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WNAMM10: New Behringer Truth Monitors
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audiodestruction    Said...

The trash audio vid sums up these monitors in one passing statement. 'Look the the KRK's by Behringer."

22-Jan-10 06:44 AM

Fester    Said...

Behringer, always doing clones.

24-Jan-10 10:08 AM

Tim    Said...

Agh. It's a continual conversation about Behringer and their clones.

Keeping it relevant to this product though, do they lack confidence in their monitors, or is it purely marketing? I haven't heard these, but the original Truth monitors aren't too bad at all. Yeah, those ones that look almost like Mackies.

It'd be good to see Behringer throw some more gear out to market that has people talking about the *sound* of it (good or bad) rather than distracting everyone with controversial design.

25-Jan-10 02:39 AM

GreenDeathProductions    Said...

People need to cease fixating on Behringer's appearance,& investigate the monitor's performance.....I decided to hang up my preconceived ideas of Behringer based on negative media hype,& just try them out for myself. I recently bought the 3030A's & these monitors are one of the best purchases I've ever made.

That being said,I think this new Truth line of monitors-at the very least,are worth every penny at their price point, and they may even far exceed their price tag in terms of performance,as the 3030a's certainly do. Forget Behringer's negative press of the past & keep & open mind.....I did and I got a fantastic addition to my studio....and this opinion is coming from a seasoned recording hobbyist who owns a pair of Adam A7's. Sounds to good to be true?If so...then check them out for yourself...what have you got to lose?

27-Feb-10 11:45 PM

Ankur    Said...

I agree. Sure, some of their older gear wasn't as good as one would have liked, but I think a good portion of their present product range is really good. Not just because its cheap, but is good in terms of sound and performance. I quite fancy some of their speakers, power amps, condenser mics (B2-Pro, B-5, T-1 and T-47) and the DDM4000 which I use to spin every once in a while. Have also heard from many users that their headphones amps are pretty awesome, but havent used those myself yet so don't know.

03-Mar-10 03:53 AM

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