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WNAMM10: Doepfer DIY Synth And More
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Great stuff! Would have liked it though if he had also talked about the new step sequencer that's so prominently blinking its red led's in the background! :-)

22-Jan-10 08:49 AM

robgs    Said...

Love the idea of the DIY and at a around a £100 worth a crack at.

22-Jan-10 05:32 PM

strongforthefuture    Said...

would have been nice if nick clarified if the wiring diagram would be included or not, i think deiter misheard him

22-Jan-10 06:12 PM

Henri Sizaret    Said...

I think it will only appeal to the synth soldering freaks. Because it looks it's only the CPU, you have to buy the rest (buttons etc...). To me, it looks as if they had a stock of chips to get rid off. I do not understand why they do not build on the MS 404 approach more, unless they do not think they are in the business of mass producing, but rather "boutique". Net net, I think this is for a niche.

23-Jan-10 03:40 AM

mambo Nr.6    Said...

Another boring crap bullshit like Dark Energy. Enough is enough Dr. Doepfer! I still have a Ms 404 but i turned back my the Dark E. after 3 Days. Never again Doepfer.

23-Jan-10 07:48 PM

screwdon    Said...

I don't understand the harsh critics here.. I'm with Doepfer since the early 90s and he had a heart for all creative DIYers in the world showing their creatures made one Doepfers stuff on his homepage. And what's wrong about the idea to add some products to the catalog for the highly increasing community of DIYers? The aim of Doepfer, Cwejman, Macbeth and all the other manufacturers is NOT to support your very special needs. I think the DIY-synth is not that revolution some pampered people are asking for, but if the price is ok I'll get one or two.

24-Jan-10 07:40 AM

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