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WNAMM10: iSample iPhone App From Way Out Ware
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mysticradio    Said...

truthfully......... i think making these APPS or iphone seems to be a STALL or excuse for not making new OH WE DONT HAVE ANYTHING COMING THIS YEAR..... lets make an iphone app. useless. I find after using something once or twice on my never reallly gets used again..........i dont even buy apps anymore.......its just a way of making you broke...... $4.99 at a time.

24-Jan-10 09:40 PM

Dolphono    Said...

Why can't they (all music apps manufacturers) develop programs like that for the computer? How come the pocket computer (iPhone) get so much love?

25-Jan-10 06:14 PM

Velocipede    Said...

Maybe developers are making iPhone apps because they sell well and allow them to stay in business.

26-Jan-10 03:44 AM

Scott Schmidt    Said...

I don't know about you guys but I bought this, and found it to be quite fun, especially when you import your own samples and start chopping them up. I wish there were more effects, and a way to put effects only on certain tracks.

27-Jan-10 08:40 AM

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