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WNAMM10: Sampleholics Acoustic Drums For Stylus
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mysticradio    Said...

why do producers INSIST......on always inputing midi and running out of ram. why not use a receptor and input everything AUDIO....... solves the ram problems anyways.

22-Jan-10 09:48 AM

Steve    Said...

I bought these and can't get them to work so am gonna have to chat with the supplier.

I have all the right versions etc that are discussed in the instructions and have followed them to the letter..

Ah well what do yo expect fro $25

22-Jan-10 11:54 PM

Jon    Said...

WOW, what a deal on some great sounding drums! Got these at NAMM and they sound GREAT! Can't believe its only $25!!

Whats great about these drums is A) RMX was always lacking in acoustic kits so these fill a large need and B) they simply sound great out of the box! Full of life, depth and quality, allowing me to get to writing instead of tweaking drum sounds.

Cant wait to see what they come up with next!!

23-Jan-10 01:05 PM

Mike (Sampleholics)    Said...

Steve, I'm not sure why the Sage Converter didn't work correctly (it has for most people who bought this, but two other people have reported the same problem.)

I sent you a link for an already Sage-converted folder that you can just drop in to the User Libraries folder. This should solve he problem.

FWIW, we'll be making both options available on future purchases, so this problem shouldn't be an issue anymore. Under no circumstances will anyone buying this be left with non-working software. Yes, $25 isn't much money, but we're treating this the same way we would treat an expensive library. :)

And thank you, Jon! I'm glad you like the set. :)

23-Jan-10 03:53 PM

hiltonius    Said...

nice demo, loved the honest approach. loved it enough that i'm gonna buy this and GIVE them my email address......

29-Jan-10 07:58 AM

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