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WNAMM10: Yamaha DTX950K Kit
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mysticradio    Said...

the new kit is rather cool... but i can help feeling the sounds are dated., same old static toms and snare......... in this day and age shouldnt hardware have multisamples like superior 2.0 oceanway..... etc/

22-Jan-10 09:42 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Amazing kit, love the design of the pads!

22-Jan-10 10:53 AM

Mitch    Said...

Yes mysticradio the onboard sounds are REALLY shitty, and the onboard technology is horribly outdated. It uses DIMM ram modules instead of DDR!!!!!!! We're talking 90s technology. The actual trigger inputs and midi out of it though, is superb. It's probably the best module out there for triggering VSTs. I just wish some manufacturer would come out with a completely dumb module that ONLY sends midi and lets you use it with any VST, to save cost. I'm NEVER going to use the crappy onboard sounds in any serious situation. Only when I'm too tired to fire up the VST, but I would NEVER use the onboard sounds during recording or live.

20-Apr-10 06:04 PM

Emil    Said...

I totally agree with Mitch... This kit is superb for its triggering abilities , who cares about the internal lousy sounds its silly to even address them in the video, anybody who is the least bit knowledgeable is going to know that hardware hosted sounds with tiny amounts of memory available to them are not going to sound anywhere near comparable to software drum libraries! The actual triggering control of the brain is awesome, just loose the sounds, get rid of the useless audio input sampling capabilities, and lower the price!

30-Aug-10 11:39 AM

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