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WNAMM10: Roland SPD-30 Awesome Demo
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z    Said...

Now THAT was a good demo! His enthusiasm is contagious.

21-Jan-10 04:54 PM

AndyB    Said...

Love that demo. What a great guy!

21-Jan-10 09:01 PM

johnny    Said...

More than IKEA quality LOL!! Nice demo!

22-Jan-10 03:52 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Awesome demo! Kind of funny though: an Englishman goes to the US to see a Belgium man demo a Japanese product... Got to love the global music business! :-)

22-Jan-10 12:44 PM    Said...

Yeah - like that, great great demo, that guy had it all sorted out. Thats how your demo your kit, full ON!

Roland are really leading the way with v-drum technology, another great addition this one.

23-Jan-10 08:31 PM

Velocipede    Said...

Best demo of the show and probably my biggest "I want it" product. If only I could play that well...

26-Jan-10 03:54 AM

Daniel    Said...

Too bad Roland is the worst company for support. You have to wait YEARS to get software updates, drivers or firmware no matter how mission-critical the problem might be. This same issue seems to exist with all Roland/Boss/Edirol products.

29-Jan-10 03:33 AM

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