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WNAMM10: Teenagers On the Loose
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The Guvnor    Said...

Its a circuit bent VL-Tone on steroids!!! FANTASTIC. I want one. Especially that vector graphic screen display.

21-Jan-10 01:15 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

The most mysterious music machine ever created; it just begs more and more questions!

Not least of all, who's actually going to use it? It's so small and portable, yet there's no midi connectivity. Who's it aimed at? Probably not hip-hop guys, probably not dance guys.. keys like that aren't enough to be performed on so probably not rock/pop guys. It's obviously not a toy, but it doesn't do anything that would excite professionals. Except for it's radio receiver, it doesn't do anything that hardware can't do.

It's like an Apple product - you just want it!! It'd probably be useful for sequencing on the subway. Maybe it's great live, you just have to tap the tempo like a Kaossilator mk1? Maybe it's the perfect companion to the Microsampler; tools for a new generation of instrumentless musicians?

I'm actually more interested to see what the next "OP-2" or whatever proceeds this will be like

22-Jan-10 03:51 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

PS - I know nothing of the VL-Tone, so I speak with the authority of the uninformed!

22-Jan-10 03:52 AM

Prophet2010    Said...

Has there been any information on how much sample memory it will have? I mean can you actually save samples or would you lose your samples once you power off. For completely warping samples and doing live stuff more on the noise side of electronic music (like Black Dice, Dan Deacon etc) this seems pretty stellar.

22-Jan-10 11:11 AM

Yes    Said...

I'd say it'd cater a lot to the circuit-bent/noise/chip scenes.

Which aren't great begin with... so... I can't say I'd put my money on something as such, that can easily be done many other means on the market as it is. Pointless really.

22-Jan-10 04:55 PM

Robbie Ryan (I Love Analogue)    Said...

I have to agree with Benedict here...what is the purpose of this device? It seems a powerful synthesizer, and of course it's a wonderful display, but pros will want to hook up it up to an external MIDI controller or sequencer, which there is no possibility. So then you have the DJ toy category, which is where the Kaoss pad and stuff are now, but this is going to cost well over a grand when it goes into production, with the display and all. And while it's a cool-looking user interface, I can't imagine people using this as their ONLY controller for soft synths and the like. And tell me why they rented a booth at NAMM and flew out here for a project that isn't even going to sell a single unit for well over a year? Are they looking for investors?

24-Jan-10 11:41 AM

Robbie Ryan (I Love Analogue)    Said...

By the way, Nick...I haven't mentioned this yet, but your audio and video at NAMM this time round were tops...especially on the Moog Taurus demo. Well done!

24-Jan-10 11:42 AM

Emil    Said...

I am a professional producer and I play keyboards and eveen though I would want to control this via a full size keyboard, I want one, even though I have to play the tiny keys... I have the strange urge to grab it and twist its little knobs and pound its little plastic buttons... its strangely appealing... but not for a thousand dollars... for four hundred dollars YES sign me up.. for a thousand, no thanks I'll use my large collection of soft synths

30-Aug-10 12:11 PM

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