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Podcast: Sonic TALK-161 Post NAMM10 Post-Mortem
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Very entertaining podcast and as always cool to hear the stories! It's very cool too to hear a bit about the organization of the Sonic State recordings.

21-Jan-10 11:23 AM

D    Said...

The Mungo synth is digital , but not DSP nick ... the creator said that in your video .

21-Jan-10 03:11 PM

KingVidiot    Said...

Great podcast as usual. I tried to find you at NAMM to say thanks for the years of excellent coverage. This was my first year there, and it's all because of the eye and ear candy in your videos. I still need to see the current vids since I missed a bunch of cool stuff in the limited time at the show. I know you guys don't talk about him much, but I was pleased to talk to Don Buchla in person at the NoiseBug booth.

21-Jan-10 11:06 PM

hiltonius    Said...

great show! you guys hit your usual high marks......

23-Jan-10 08:50 AM

David Potter    Said...

Thanks for the shout out Nick! It was really nice to meet you, Andy, Chappers and Daniel at NAMM.

27-Jan-10 10:39 AM

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