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WNAMM10: New FireWire Audio Interface
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Hungryjos    Said...

Did Cakewalk buy Edirol?

22-Jan-10 04:26 AM

CI    Said...

No, the opposite happened

22-Jan-10 08:19 PM

Janoz    Said...

Yeah, this is old news. Edirol has had this product on the market for at least 3 years now. And I think that Cakewalk had the same but the name was sps-66. So what's all this then?

24-Jan-10 09:44 AM

Velocipede    Said...

Edirol is a Roland brand. Roland bought a majority stake in Cakewalk last year, and it seems that Roland is now rebranding Edirol products as Cakewalk.

26-Jan-10 04:00 AM

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