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WNAMM10: Mungo Digital Modular Polysynth
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mysticradio    Said...

TWELVE GRAND HUH........ good luck. i can buy a full blown NEKO XXL with an Alesis Andromeda and Prophet 08 for that kind of money. PLUS 'MIMICK" any sound of that modular on the Neko. but this will be for nerds with TONS of liquid cash laying around

20-Jan-10 05:23 PM

tkecni    Said...

are you an idiot mysticradio , the neko is just a computer with a midi controller built in, the A6 came out over 10 years ago, the DS instruments are lame,...

20-Jan-10 07:43 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Ahh to achieve a dream - good on that guy!

I don't know what it means to be physical hardware and not DSP? I assume it's "better"!

21-Jan-10 01:43 AM

eXode    Said...

tkecni: Why so hostile? Is this synth your baby and can't take critique of it?

So what if the A6 came out over 10 years ago? It's a true analog synth. Minimoog, ARP Odyssey and Yamaha CS80, a few of the big synths that people still today hold i high regard came out in the 70-ies. And that DS instruments are lame is your subjective opinon.

21-Jan-10 02:01 AM

Dorem    Said...

This synth is amazing I wish one! But the price of 12K is very high.

You guys have to know it's a niche product and it's great to see what other manufacturer are creating aside those big competitors.

I hope MUNGO will release once amore affordable synth like DOEPFER with their Dark Energy. This would boost some income to develop the big brother.

But this synth is fantastic maybe ther are coming down with the price.


21-Jan-10 02:33 AM

sesame sam    Said...

It is about time some company made a modular synth like this. but after all the pros and retired fart bags buy one it's all over. great idea. shame only a few will get to enjoy this design. i am looking forward to all the youtube videos of grandpa mimicking his fave shart sounds.

21-Jan-10 08:26 AM

peripatitis    Said...

So what is the point of this synth ? I mean if it is digital what is the point of using cables ? It can do everything internally. At the same time if it does a total recall, that means that the patching is not always corresponding to the actual signal path. Another problem is that for 12k i would expect to use it either polyphonic or as 8 discrete monosynths, or as anything in between, each with each own signal path or perhaps passing the output of one through the other e.t.c It seems to me that something 4 times cheaper , like the sunsyn is really more flexible than this (with the exception of external control )

21-Jan-10 10:10 AM

Shannon    Said...

The cables are just a more intuitive/fun way of doing a matrix. Given there is no DSP/CPU on board means it must be using logic gates, which is pretty insane. There would have to be hundreds of them and it would be a nightmare to design but you could easily run it at 1000x audio rate for very little aliasing.

21-Jan-10 12:46 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Well out of my price range but maybe there will be cut down versions later on.

I love the use of patch cords on the thing. Much more hands on which after all is the point of it all.

Only thing I don't like (other than it being the price of a small car) is using graphics instead of wording on the front panel. I'd be lost without wording on my A6. I guess Letraset transfers are cheap enough to buy though. And it probably makes the thing instantly internationalised.

Good luck guys!

21-Jan-10 01:10 PM

hiltonius    Said...

this instrument is in competition with the alesis andromeda for the most confounding graphics panel on a complex synth; why would they waste time and ink EXPLAINING what each knob does on he front panel? LOL

23-Jan-10 08:55 AM

Beermaster    Said...

PolOphony ? He said it twice ! ha ha

Great looking thing tho .

24-Jan-10 05:26 AM

Emil    Said...

Does this thing really sound that much better than an emulated poly synth like arturia or native instruments make? I cant imagine it would fool us all on a blind listening test... I dont know thats why Im asking, is it really worth all that money just for the sound of it? I cant imagine it sounds all that much better than some of the vst's out there.

11-Jan-11 01:53 AM

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